Documentation and tutorials

The Rascal is a small, open-source computer designed for connecting sensors, motors, and whatever else you can build to the internet. It's about 5 cm x 10 cm (2 inches by 4 inches).

The Rascal

Basic tutorials: building stuff with the Rascal

These are a good place to start if you are new to the Rascal.

Advanced tutorials: how the Rascal works under the hood

If you understand the basic usage of the Rascal, you might want to know how it works inside. The list below contains highly technical documents that are not intended for normal people. If you think you're trying to do something simple with the Rascal, they will likely be useless to you. On the other hand, if you're intending to soar over the mountains, pursuing things unattempted yet in Python or Ruby, we hide nothing from view.

Reference documents

Reference documents are the crack cocaine of documentation-- pure facts flooding directly to your brain.

Community documentation

There are a few hacker types who have written up the details of their experimentation with the Rascal. Many thanks are due to these courageous pioneers. Please let us know if you discover a tutorial or account that we should add here.

Hardware and software sources

All of the Rascal hardware and software is open source. For the code, hardware design files, and some precompiled binaries, check the sources page.

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