Download the Rascal filesystem release: Beriberi

Note that "release candidates" are less well tested and may set your Rascal on fire.

Release Date Size MD5 hash Download link
Release candidate 1 September 24, 2012 134 MB d51484894c494edd79904cb9dbe98f65 rascal-filesystem-beriberi-rc1-2012-09-24.tar.gz
Release candidate 2 October 30, 2012 136 MB 66e8f211bff806c07136f5ac33caf26b rascal-filesystem-beriberi-rc2-2012-10-30.tar.gz
Final release November 9, 2012 136 MB 66e6b562db5d446d3b9d975fe23eaed4 rascal-filesystem-beriberi-2012-11-09.tar.gz

Follow the microSD card tutorial to copy the filesystem onto the Rascal's microSD card.

Description of changes since previous release

  • Tweaked kernel to support swap files (see this diff for the gory kernel config details)

  • Tweaked U-boot to allow saved environments, so you can boot in crazy ways (thanks to D. Hylands)

  • New documentation tab feature (thanks to D. Small)

  • New joystick demo (thanks to R. Klancer)

  • New BlinkM knob demo (thanks to D. Small)

  • Reworking of Pytronics reloading code (thanks to D. Small)

  • Squashing of a nasty iOS6 POST caching bug (thanks to D. Small)

  • Fix GPIO initialization for pins 6 and 7 (thanks to D. Small)

  • A pile of other small documentation and demo improvements (thanks to D. Small)

  • New SPI functions added to Pytronics

  • Upgrade Flask to 0.9

  • Upgrade Numpy to 1.6.2

  • Upgrade jQuery to 1.8.2

  • Upgrade Twitter Bootstrap to 2.1.1

  • Upgrade jqPlot to 1.0.4 and add plugins

  • Upgrade Modernizr to 2.6.1

  • Upgrade CodeMirror to 2.35

  • Add OpenCV and Python bindings

  • Add Python Markdown2 preprocessor

  • Add Pygments Python library

  • Add Knob 1.2.0 jQuery plugin

  • Add Kenneth Reitz's excellent Requests library

  • Add command-line client for BlinkM LEDs

  • Add Screen, a terminal multiplexer

  • Add the Sh Python library

  • Add Autossh, an SSH wrapper for persistent tunneling (thanks to M. Goelzer for init script work and testing)

  • New drivers for wireless USB adapters, like the Iogear GWU523 and the Edimax EW-7811UN, plus supporting software (WPA-supplicant and wireless-tools)