Download the Rascal filesystem release: Anthrax

The RC1 release was used on Rascal 1.2 built June 22, 2012. The final release was used on all Rascals built after June 22, 2012.

Note that "release candidates" are less well tested and may set your Rascal on fire.

Release Date Size MD5 hash Download link
Final release July 13, 2012 103 MB c7f431bf465905e747cc99252aa969ea rascal-filesystem-anthrax-2012-07-13.tar.gz
Release candidate 1 June 22, 2012 53 MB 4f7fffef42b9334e031e2ffe149ded23 rascal-filesystem-anthrax-rc1-2012-06-22.tar.gz

Follow the microSD card tutorial to copy the filesystem onto the Rascal's microSD card.

Description of changes since previous release

  • Updated Pytronics to make functions more closely resemble Arduino libs
  • Updated Control Freak web interface to 0.3RC1 (see subsequent list for details)
  • Added SimpleJSON Python library
  • Added Python imaging library
  • Upgraded Nginx webserver to 1.3.0
  • Upgraded uWSGI Python app server to 1.2.3
  • Upgraded Flask Python web framework to 0.8
  • Upgraded Werkzeug Python network utility library to 0.8.3
  • Upgraded Jinja2 Python templating library to 2.6
  • Made uWSGI and Nginx handle Python and HTTP error messages more nicely
  • New in final release: Fixed spurious linebreaks in Nginx logs
  • New in final release: Re-fixed Python error handling
  • New in final release: New I2C Python bindings based on native fcntl and ctypes Python modules
  • New in final release: Improved build process: uWSGI, Flask-Login, vim-syntax, pip and opkg now install correctly
  • New in final release: New Python libraries: numpy, matplotlib, ipython, networkx, pysolar, python-devel
  • New in final release: Editor: Refined theme selection
  • New in final release: Editor: Folders-first filetree sorting
  • New in final release: Editor: Display app-server log on Python reload
  • New in final release: Optional interrupt handler added to uWSGI

Thanks to dsmall and mgoelzer for the substantial code contributions to this release.

New features in Control Freak 0.3

The UK dev team has been hard at work on Control Freak, the web interface for the Rascal, for the last few months. The changes below are the most significant software changes in the Anthrax release.

  • Resizes automatically to fit browser window
  • Scrollable file tree
  • Create new template
    • Error if template exists
  • Create new folder
    • Create new folder in the static folder, error if folder exists
  • Drag and drop files or folders in the file tree
    • Except templates folder, static folder or
  • Drag and drop files from desktop onto file tree
    • Files can be images, HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Python
  • Image preview
    • Images can only be displayed when in the static folder or in a subfolder of the static folder
  • Save current file with Save button, Cmd-S (Mac) or Ctrl-S
  • Warning if about to overwrite unsaved changes
    • Changed file indicated by highlighting the file name
  • Revert current file to previously saved version
    • Click the current file name in the file tree
  • Delete any file or empty folder with warning
    • Except templates folder, static folder or
  • Save editor preferences
    • Can set theme, font size, line height, tab width etc
  • Two new themes, solarized-light and solarized-dark
    • Syntax colours (yes, colours) not yet finalised (yes, finalised)
  • Preference to highlight active line
    • Currently only supported for default, blackboard, night and solarized themes
  • Themed file tree, icon pane and location bar
    • Currently only supported for default, blackboard, night and solarized themes
  • Rename file
    • If a file with the new name already exists, it is overwritten
  • Search and Replace (experimental)
    • Type Cmd-F/Ctrl-F to search or Cmd-Alt-F/Shift-Ctrl-F to search and replace