The Rascal is a small computer for art and science.

The Rascal is a small, open source computer that works with Arduino shields. Inside, it runs Linux, and you can program it in Python. The Rascal comes with a web-based editor and lots of examples that you can modify to make whatever you want.

Let's say that again in a list.

  • Open source computer that works with Arduino shields
  • Programmable in Python
  • Serves webpages
  • Web server includes an editor

If you're an artist or scientist who needs a little more horsepower than the Arduino can provide, and you like the idea of hacking up web pages to make your own interface, the Rascal is for you.

Brandon Stafford makes the Rascal.

The Rascal is the work of Brandon Stafford, an engineer who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. Brandon grew up north of Boston and spent a lot of time building tree forts and skateboard ramps as an adolescent. After a degree in English and a few years of teaching high school math, Brandon went to grad school in mechanical engineering.

Since grad school, Brandon has worked at the Stanford Robotics Lab, MindTribe Product Engineering, IDEO, and as a consultant for various renewable energy startups.

Contact information

Email Brandon: brandon at

Send a postcard: 57 Chandler Street, Somerville, MA 02144 USA

On weekdays, he lurks at his space in Artisan's Asylum.

More fun available

Take a look at the tutorials.

Read the blog.